Lussive Music expands with a sub-label dedicated to Uplifting Trance sounds.
Lussive-Music-Uplifting_180x60Just like the main imprint, the label supports upcoming, talented and established producers who bring a fresh sound.
Focussed on high sound quality, unique and deep chord professions. Slightly different in sound from the mainstream uplifting, but set to reach global following with unique releases. The first releases are the debute releases of Owen Witman. An alter ego of Lussive Music’s main producer Onne Witjes.
Lussive Uplifting: innovative and energetic trance music.
Powered by the mixing / mastering solutions of Lussive Media. Feeding the dance industry with hundreds of mix / master projects for many years now.LUS-UP01: Owen Witman – Starrific (Release date: 26/06/2019)
LUS-UP02: Owen Witman – Deactivate (Release date 30/07/2019)