Onne Witjes, A-lusion, has grown to be one of the most valued artists in the hard dance scene over the past decade. The typical “A-lusion” hardstyle sound reached many hardstyle fans around the world. He started his professional career in 2003 and has performed in many clubs around the world and at the most prestigious events such as Qlimax and DefQon.1.
In 2012 A-lusion launches his new “Out in The Open” album series. Read the full A-lusion biography on his profile page. View profile


Lussive Music presents a new talented artist called Alliv3.
His first release is signed by Lussive and is called “Out of The Shadows”.
This track drives on arrangement of melodic sounds guided by strong kickdrums.
Alliv3 is alive now. He is coming out of the shadows. Keep your eyes and ears open for the prolongation of this project. View profile



Alex Skurtul, residing in St. Petersburg Russia, is showing the world that hardstyle is universal and is growing stronger day by day. He is proudly signed by Lussive Music, which makes him one of the first successful hardstyle producers from Russia. Alex started producing in 2008 and got hooked to the hardstyle sound after experimenting with House and Trance. In 2011 he had his first release as “Alex Sance” and now he will spread his wings by launching his new project “Betavoice” at Lussive Music. Betavoice will bring you energetic rhythms, uplifting melodies and strong beats. View profile

Da Daze

Mihail Gorjunov, also known as Da Daze, started producing Electronic Dance Music in 2008. He comes from a small town in Estonia, called Kallaste. Mihail’s goal is to be one of the first Hardstyle artists from Estonia, to make name in Europe. In the autumn of 2012 he proudly had his first release on Lussive Music. “Da Daze – From The Past” and “Da Daze – Going Crazy”. View profile



The Music Education Program of Lussive Music & Media already delivered us various talented artists. After guiding Generator from the beginning of his music production career until his current level, he is now ready to present his first release.
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gsb_smallGerman duo GSB (G-Style Brothers) has already conquered their home country with their Sunshine-Live radioshows, their DJ Networx compilation cds and their previous releases.
Now they release their new track on Dutch Hardstyle label Lussive Music.
Escal8 features a catchy vocal topline and melody, alongside deep powerful hardstyle kicks.
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