Lussive Music is a music label founded in 2012 by A-lusion. The label supports innovative and creative hardstyle without categorizing it into a box.
The first releases included hits like “A-lusion – Start Living”, “A-lusion – Beat The Bridge (Official Anthem 2012) and “A-lusion – Just One Voice”. After that many releases followed such as “Cold Case – Bang”, “Betavoice – I’m Gonna”, “Da Daze feat. Steklo – Desire” and “A-lusion – The Ultimate Bassline”.

Many of the label’s releases have been featured on major industry podcasts, such as Headhunterz’ HardWithStyle, Isaac’s Hardstyle Sessions and Kutski’s KTRA. A list of compilation CD features include: HardBass 2012, Black 2012, Hardstyle The Ultimate Collection, D-Techno, Thrilloy 2012 and SlamFM Hardstyle.

With the arrival of new talented artists like Cold Case, Betavoice and Da Daze, the label is growing to become an international platform for creative and innovative hardstyle. Melodic, Raw, Experimental… As long as it’s creative and challenging enough to make you move.

In the beginning of 2014, Lussive Music expanded its activities by representing their artists as a bookings agency.
A-lusion, Betavoice, Cold Case & Da Daze are now officially represented by Lussive Music Bookings.

In 2019 Lussive Music expanded with the addition of uplifting trance label Lussive Uplifting.

Lussive Music, Hardstyle & Trance that moves you with an open mind.