Lussive Music - Ignite the spark

Lussive Music, a Dutch music group that continues to evolve and captivate audiences with its diverse range of genres and imprint labels.
Since its founding in 2012, the labels support innovative and creative digitally produced music, Not primarily following trends and “best-selling” sounds.
Creativity should always come first

We are dedicated to discovering, supporting and showcasing the most talented and visionary artists who dare to push the boundaries of musical expression.
At Lussive Music, we believe that music is not just a collection of sounds; it is an element of life that has the ability to captivate hearts, and spark profound emotions.


Story so far

In the first years the only music genre released was hardstyle music. Many of the label’s releases have been featured on major industry podcasts, such as Headhunterz’ HardWithStyle, Isaac’s Hardstyle Sessions and Kutski’s KTRA. A list of compilation CD features include: HardBass 2012, Black 2012, Hardstyle The Ultimate Collection, D-Techno, Thrillogy 2012 and SlamFM Hardstyle.

In 2019, Lussive Music embarked on a new journey, expanding its horizons with the addition of Lussive Uplifting, a dynamic trance label dedicated to the electrifying and energetic sound of trance music. In 2023, the labels expanded with 2 more imprints. Lush & Deep.
Lussive Music deep will focus on Melodic Deephouse and Melodic Techno.
Stay tuned for the first releases.
Meanwhile, Lush, the epitome of atmospheric tranquility, finds its home within Lussive Music. This imprint is dedicated to ambient and electronica music, taking listeners on a captivating exploration through space ambient, atmospheric soundscapes, and evocative soundtracks. Prepare to lose yourself in a world of ethereal beauty and sublime serenity as we kick off our journey with Arpow’s mesmerizing album, “Sonic Explorations.”