About us


We are Lussive Music, a music label group based in The Netherlands.
Our mission is to bring creativity and quality in music. We are dedicated to discovering, supporting and showcasing the most talented and visionary artists who dare to push the boundaries of musical expression


Our labels

Lussive Music Deep

Lussive Music deep is added to the label list in 2023 and will focus on Melodic Deephouse and Melodic Techno.
Stay tuned for the first releases

Lussive Music Hardstyle

Our Hardstyle label is founded in 2012 and released music by artists like A-lusion, Scope DJ, Luna, Betavoice, Da Daze, Ncrypta and more.
Many of the label’s releases have been featured on major industry podcasts, such as Headhunterz’ HardWithStyle, Isaac’s Hardstyle Sessions and Kutski’s KTRA. A list of compilation CD features include: HardBass 2012, Black 2012, Hardstyle The Ultimate Collection, D-Techno, Thrillogy 2012 and SlamFM Hardstyle.

Lussive Music Lush

Lussive Music Lush is added to the label list in 2023. The main focus is on ambient and electronica music. Varying from space ambient, to atmospheric soundscapes and soundtracks.
The label starts with releasing Arpow’s “Sonic Explorations” album.

Lussive Music Uplifting

In 2019, the uplifting label on Lussive Music was added to our portfolio. The label has its focus on the uplifting and upbeat area of trance music. 138 bpm, uplifting, energetic.